about me.

I’m a medical doctor and developer based in London, UK

I like to use my medical training and understanding of the healthcare industry to create transformative and intuitive healthcare platforms.

When I’m not in the Emergency Department, I’m behind my trusty laptop dreaming up my next platform.


Emergency Department Doctor

By day (and sometimes night) I’m a junior doctor working in the UK’s National Health service.

I now work in an Emergency Department in London, but have worked in various surgical and medical specialties, including intensive care and plastic surgery.

I also worked as a Doctor and the Nightingale hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.


Dreaming of beautiful health tech platforms

In my developing work I try to combine modern technology with aesthetic design.

I enjoy using my first hand experience of issues in healthcare to design platforms and algorithms that solve these in an efficient and effective way, all wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive UX/UI.


The Dev Doctor

I have a YouTube channel called The Dev Doctor, where I talk about the latest developments in technology, healthcare, and everything in between.

If you want to see more head over to the channel and subcribe to The Dev Doctor channel




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